We proudly carry Interstate Batteries, outrageously dependable automobile batteries that are designed to go the distance. Here’s a little more about Interstate Batteries, from their website:

Interstate Batteries® Through the Years

Since 1952, we have been evoking our compassionate, trustworthy spirit into our surrounding communities. With a history as rich as our brand, we have continually earned the trust of professionals through our ongoing devotion to quality and service. Our commitment holds steadfast to making a positive impact on our customers, team members and partners, now and for generations to come.

Our Purpose

To glorify God and enrich lives as we deliver the most trustworthy source of power to the world.

We fulfill our purpose by doing business based on Biblical principles – such as honesty, humility, service, and care – in a way that is welcoming and loving to all. As a company contributor, you are free to interact with the purpose in whatever way is most meaningful to you. Our values, however, are unchanging, and we ask that our team members try their best to live them as they serve our key stakeholders: team members, customers, distributors and franchisees, suppliers and vendors, communities and shareholders. By creating a welcoming and caring environment, we hope to create a positive experience for our team members and everyone else whom Interstate touches, no matter their background or belief system.

Our Values

Our Purpose is why we exist. Our Values drive how we go about that existence and represent who we are.